Monday, May 29, 2017

Home Sweet Home

There's no place like home.  There are times to be on the go and running to and fro, having fun with friends, working, going places. But then there are times to rest and be quiet and just stay home.  I love being home.  It's where I can rest, recalibrate, refresh, reconnect - at home.    These are words that give me hope in this season.   

Yes, I love to travel and be on the go, visiting places, mingling with friends.  It's convention time for our church family and many of our friends and peers are there and having a grand time in Washington D.C.!  We had our tickets, reservations, tours scheduled, bags packed - everything.  Feeling a bit pressed, tired, and overbooked, we prayed.  A peace in knowing it was ok for us to 'not go' came to us.  The peace that passes understanding . . . so we stayed home and I'm so glad we did.

Our youngest son, Ben was our scheduled speaker for when we were to be gone . . .  by being home, we got to listen to him in person, and it was great!  We would have missed something very special and sweet if we had not been here.  Home sweet home.  A good decision for us with the crazy pace we sometimes set for ourselves.  

"Family ties are precious threads, no matter where we roam . . .  
they draw us close to those we love and pull our hearts towards home."

As I yield to You Lord, may You continue Your great work in me and help me to become more . . . 
  • Adoring and submissive like Sarah 
  • Loving and loyal like Mary of Bethany
  • Available and capable like Abigail
  • Becoming and humble like Elizabeth
  • Responsive and constant like Ruth
  • Respectful and self sacrificing like Esther
  • Virtuous and godly like Mary
  • Full of faith like the Syrophoenician woman 
  • Transformed by the Holy Spirit like Mary Magdalene
Teach me to make my home a sanctuary of love and safe haven for all who come through our door.  "There's no place like Home Sweet Home."   In Jesus Name, A-men.